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Safety - After School Dismissal

This fall we have been in close communication with the Kane County Sheriff's Department regarding the safety of students, families, and staff at Ferson Creek. As a result, we responded to concerns with the crosswalk at Burr Road & Foxwood Landing and included information in our 10.20 eNews regarding Safety in the Presence of School Buses.

In addition to exercising caution around buses, please refrain from parking and exiting your car along Bolcum Road during dismissal as it presents a safety concern to students and families. In turn, we will continue to support our students in improving our transitions to the buses so we are able to open the pick up lanes in a timely manner.

Thank you for your support in keeping our students, families, and staff safe.

Building-Level Professional Learning (PL)

Prior to Thanksgiving Break, our staff explored the following questions:
On average, how many times are students expected to transition throughout the learning environment each day?
On average, how many times is _____ (a student who receives additional support, a student who participates in instrumental music, etc.) expected to transition throughout the learning environment each day?
What impact do transitions have on student learning?
What evidence do we have to suggest our students are making successful transitions throughout the environment? When & where are our students struggling with transitions?
What structures do we have in place to support successful transitions throughout the learning environment? What additional supports do we need to put in place to support the success of our students?
As a follow up, I revisited my expectations for calm, quiet, and efficient transitions throughout the learning environment. In doing so, I asked staff to ensure students are clear on what’s expected & why and to model what’s expected – When transitioning, students should refrain from talking and walk safely, keeping their eyes on where they are headed with their hands to themselves, in support of the learning that’s in progress throughout the building.

Thank You

Thank you to our many families and students who attended parent teacher conferences and those who supported the learning community by visiting the book fair!

1st Trimester Report Cards

As noted in the Ferson Creek eNews prior to Thanksgiving Break, the 1st trimester report cards were made available on Wednesday, November 23, 2016, via the Home Access Center (HAC). Please contact Libby Sutherland, 10-Month Administrative Assistant via email at Elizabeth.Sutherland@d303.org or phone at (331) 228-2300 if you have encountered any difficulty accessing your child's report card.

D303 Parent Survey - Opens Monday, December 5th

The 2016 St. Charles Community Unit School District 303 Parent Satisfaction Survey opens next Monday, December 5th and runs through Wednesday, December 14th. Parents of all District 303 students are strongly encouraged to participate.

This anonymous survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete and will be available at www.d303.org or by selecting the applicable link(s) below beginning Monday, December 5th: 

Take the Elementary School Survey!
Take the Middle School Survey!
Take the High School Survey!

Parents can complete one survey which is available in English & Spanish for each of their children who attend a District 303 school.

Elementary School Student Handbook

The Elementary School Student Handbook can be accessed via the included link: http://district.d303.org/student-handbooks

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