3rd Grade

Welcome to Third Grade!

Third Grade at Ferson Creek is both fun and challenging.  Students begin to make the transition from "learning to read" to "reading to learn" by exploring a wide variety of non-fiction texts and resources.  When students are finished with third grade science, they will be able to identify different characteristics of rocks like marble, pumice and quartz. They will have named their own mealworm and watched it grow and change and make it through the mealworm maze.  They will have performed many experiments and will be able to talk about what makes something sink or float!  In social studies, we study the Native Americans, our own ancestry and world culture.  We will write for a variety of purposes such as to tell a story, to persuade or to inform.  And we will expose ourselves to excellent literature - non-fiction, fiction and poetry.  Above all, we will have fun and learn together to prepare ourselves for the next steps in our education.  Third grade is truly awesome!


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