Health Services

At Ferson Creek, our Registered Nurse and Certified School Nurse work collaboratively with other stakeholders to maintain a healthy & safe environment for our students & staff. On a daily basis, they provide care & first aid to individuals impacted by illness or injury and follow guidelines for medication administration & documentation. In addition, they work to maintain accurate records in compliance with state mandates including immunizations, physical examinations, & medical conditions, support necessary screenings such as hearing & vision, and plan for and provide health & wellness lessons for students. 

Our Certified School Nurse serves as a member of our Collaborative Problem-Solving Team (PST) and special education & Section 504 evaluation teams. In addition, she works collaboratively with families, medical professionals, and staff to write & implement Individual Health Care Plans for students impacted by medical needs in the school setting.

Members of our Health Services Team include:


Mrs. Donna Holloway, Registered Nurse                     Mrs. Wendy Landers, Certified School Nurse


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