Welcome to Kindergarten!

Kindergarten at Ferson Creek is exciting! It is a foundational year of building lifelong skills your child will need for the rest of their educational career. Making new friends, playing fun learning games, practicing social skills, reading, writing and math are just a few things to experience in kindergarten. Creativity never ends with painting, gluing and cutting. Our hallway and classrooms are bursting with wonderful kindergarten works of art and our emerging writing samples! The 100th Day of school is an exciting milestone the kindergartners look forward to each year. Spring is a favorite time as the children experience studying and hatching chicks in the classroom. Seeing and holding cute, fluffy chicks after they hatch and visiting a working farm is a kindergarten experience they remember from year to year. Kindergarten at Ferson Creek is a wonderful time of growth and new experiences. We look forward to a parent, teacher, student partnership to ensure your child’s success.


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