Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Center Schedule

The library schedule at Ferson Creek is designed to be flexible while fixed. All grade levels engage in co-taught information and digital literacy lessons every week to hone skills necessary to locate, analyze, evaluate, interpret, and communicate information. The LRC program is fully integrated into each grade level’s curriculum. Teachers often schedule additional time in the LRC to complete projects. Some classes have a fixed book check out time while others send students as needed.

Book Check Out Policy

Kindergarten students check out one book every day, 1st & 2nd graders check out two books every week and 3rd-5th grade students may check out three books every week. All library materials have a one-week check out period, however they may be renewed if the book is brought to the LRC. We do not charge late fines, but we do charge a replacement cost for books that are lost or damaged.

Lost/Damaged Book Policy

If your child loses or damages a book, he or she needs to notify the LRC staff so the book can be marked lost or damaged in our circulation computer. We will send communication that a book must be paid for. The student may not check out another book until the lost/damaged book is found or paid for. If you find a lost book that was paid for, the LRC is happy to issue a refund if the book is returned during the current school year. We thank you for helping your child take responsibility for books in their care.


The Ferson Creek LRC Mission Statement

The mission of the Ferson Creek Learning Resource Center is to support the curriculum through integrated and engaging instruction to optimize student learning and to collaborate with teachers in order to provide students with physical and intellectual access to materials in multiple formats.  Additionally, to assist students in developing 21st Century critical thinking and information literacy skills from a diverse collection of reliable and current resources and to promote an enthusiasm for reading and lifelong learning by striving to meet the individual learning needs of all students.

Our library has over 10,000 volumes, a lab with 30 laptop computers, and a multimedia station. We provide 56 laptop computers and 60 iPads to classrooms each day.  We serve over 600 students every week.

Mrs. Ignoffo Mrs. Peppers
LRC Director LRC Assistant


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