About Kindergarten

In reading, our kindergarten students work to identify upper & lowercase letters & to produce sounds, connecting their knowledge of letters to simple words. As emergent readers, they build their understanding of concepts of print (i.e. directionality, words, & spaces) as they begin to read with purpose & understanding. Further, they work to identify & share important details from a text, to retell stories using characters, setting, & major events, and to compare & contrast details from multiple text.

Over the course of the school year, our kindergarten students explore narrative, information, and opinion writing by illustrating, labeling, and writing simple phrases & sentences. The students begin to write using structure, to develop ideas, and to attend to basic conventions.

Our Eureka math modules in kindergarten explore (1) Numbers to 10; (2) Two-Dimensional & Three-Dimensional Shapes; (3) Comparison of Length, Weight, Capacity, & Numbers to 10; (4) Number Pairs, Addition & Subtraction to 10; (5) Numbers 10-20; Count to 100 by Ones & Tens; and (6) Analyzing, Comparing, & Composing Shapes.

Our current kindergarten units of study in science include:

  • I’m Sensible
  • Caretakers of Earth
  • Chicks
  • Energy and the Sun

Social-Emotional & Executive Functioning
Throughout elementary school, it is our goal to build our students' capacity to show respect, to work cooperatively, to use time productively, to listen attentively, to follow directions, to organize materials & tasks, to produce quality work, to participate & contribute to their learning, to handle & resolve conflict, and to problem solve & think independently.

Kindergarten Staff

DD Dawn Demien

Kindergarten Teacher

MS Michelle Schmidt

Kindergarten Teacher

ST Stephanie Turner

Kindergarten Teacher

St. Charles Community Unit School District 303